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Wedding in the RainIf I were you, coming to this website for the first time, I would have three questions :

Why are you blogging?

Why do I care who you are?

Why should I read what you write?


…I started making music 37 years ago. I was 6. Since then I’ve played various members of the brass family, the piano, keyboards, guitar, very briefly the recorder and most notably the bass (both upright and electric varieties). I’ve performed in musicals, orchestras, big bands, pop groups, jazz combos, wind bands, choirs, brass quintets and fully improvised ensembles. I’ve composed, arranged, transcribed, recorded, lectured and tutored. All of which is a way of saying that I’ve had a lot of experience in a lot of different situations over the years.

Photo by Julia Cazorla

About 7 years ago I developed serious issues with RSI that almost stopped me playing for good. During my recuperation I had a lot of time to think about things and reflect on how they fit together. What I notice regularly is that when we’re in the thick of things we rarely look up from the trenches to see what else is going on.

There are so many instances I encounter on a daily basis that could be better if only people communicated, thought about the things that went right or wrong. Learned to spot their habits and considered what might happen if they did things differently.

This site is for anyone who doesn’t get a second gig but doesn’t know why. It’s for people who feel trapped by their lack of understanding, knowing that they want to be better but not knowing how to go about it. It’s for people who work in situations where they know something is not quite right but don’t know what to look for.

I’m not interested in teaching you how to do things.

I am interested in showing you how to teach yourself.

Photo by Guy HarrisMy aim is to present you with information and a possible framework for applying it to your own life and experience. To get the most out of it you will need to think, reflect and apply the information you need to your own situation. I want to be a better musician too so please do comment on the articles and lets get better together.

If you’re interested in knowing more about the sort of music I make you might like to head over to my artist website which contains information on a whole raft of projects from mainstream jazz to prog rock to avant garde soundscaping… I don’t like to stay still!

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